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Standard Leafing Aluminium Paste
STANDRAD LEAFING is specially made to impart a brilliant appearance.
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Standard Non-Leafing Aluminum Paste
STANDARD NON-LEAFING is produced specially for protective coatings.
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Premium Leafing Aluminum Paste
PREMIUM LEAFING is manufactured with spherical aluminium powders using special milling technology.
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Sparkling Aluminium Paste
SPARKLING series is for OEM and Refinish coatings and coil coatings.
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Bright Effect Aluminium Paste
BRIGHT EFFECT is manufactured using fine grinding processes to ensure that the surface of the particles is smooth with minimum rough edges.
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Corn Flake Aluminum Paste
CORN-FLAKE SERIES imparts a strong metallic effect coupled with high brightness. Most of the grades in the series also possess good coverage ability.
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